Here at Croftdown were are absolutely crazy about beautiful donkeys! 

Donkeys come in all shapes and sizes and while they look similar to horses they actually are very different. Check out the fun facts below!

Did you know?

Donkeys are also called Burros and Asses!

They are members of the Equidae family, which also includes horses and zebras!

There are numerous breeds of donkeys and they include, Mammoth, Standard, Miniature and English/Irish donkeys!

They come in many colours ranging from solid black, to spotty to pure white!

A female donkey is called a Jenny and a male is called a Jack!

A donkey can be pregnant for 11-14 months! Can you imagine ladies!!

Donkeys can live for up to 40 years!

Donkeys have an excellent memory and are very smart!

Their large ears help to keep them cool in hot desert conditions!

Why Donkeys?

Here at Croftdown we have learnt over the years that while we adore all our animals, our donkeys give so much back! You would be hard pressed to find another animal that gives as much love as a donkey. They are not only loving and demand your attention, however we have also learned so much from them, they are excellent teachers! They are patient and gentle and never judge, they are accepting of everyone, they ask for little in return, except a good scratch! We have witnessed our beautiful donkeys bring out confidence in those struggling socially and we have seen amazing bursts of happiness from those who have experienced great sadness! Those involved in our therapy programs, young and old may have never seen a donkey before but they have, like us, fallen in love with our little four legged friends. Our donkeys have brought us more joy than we could ever imagine, even when they are braying at 5am insisting I am late with their brekky! If you haven't experienced the absolute joy of a donkey, please get in touch, we would love to introduce you to our beautiful herd.